Student Assessment and Reporting

Assessing and reporting is an ongoing process; if at any time you need to discuss your child’s progress please contact the class teacher in the first instance. The school’s leadership team are also available to assist you. Please write or phone to make an appointment.

Acquaintance/Open Night (term 1)

Parents will have the opportunity to visit their child’s classroom. Their teacher will outline class expectations and activities for the year. This is an information gathering session and helps establish a positive link between home and school.

Parent-Teacher Interviews (term 1).

Parents can request an interview or the class teacher may request you to attend an interview at another time. Please respond promptly to any requests received.

Semester Reports

Written reports are sent home in Terms 2 and 4.


Early in Term 2 all students in years 3 and 5 are required to participate in nationwide testing in the areas of Reading, Writing, Language Conventions and Numeracy.

Whole school reports and plans

The Annual Report is a summary of the happenings, results and key actions for the past year at Henley Beach Primary School. Information included in these reports are the result of a rigorous school self-evaluation process and is a balanced and genuine account of the school’s achievements and areas for development. School self-evaluation is a continuous process which comprises a number of key components that collect information and evidence about the progress the school has made toward key improvement priorities that are documented in the Site Improvement Plan.