School Fees

Materials and Services Charges (M&S Charges) invoices are issued annually. Payment for all invoices issued by the school including M&S Charges are payable via the Qkr application.

School Card Eligibility

School Card Eligibility a Government assistance program for families in a lower income bracket and is means tested through Centrelink. Applications are now completed online. It is important that applications for School Card be made within 4 weeks of the student commencing at Henley Beach Primary School.

School Card Scheme

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QkR (pronounced ‘quicker’) is a free mobile application that enables mobile payments for school-based accounts. QkR allows parents and carers of students at HBPS to use their smartphones to place canteen orders, pay for OSHC, or make uniform and excursion payments, saving time and alleviating the hassle of having to give your child money to carry to school.

Our office will receive daily detailed reports on all payments, and orders placed are filled accordingly. The application utilises MasterCard Technology to ensure the safety of all information, and allows you to pay with any scheme credit, debit, or pre-paid card accepted by the school.

As time progresses, HBPS will be expanding the items available on QkR. For those without access to a smartphone, a web-based version of QkR will be available in the coming months.

For those who may need some extra guidence and help with the setting up of your QkR account and understanding its features, please utilise the Tip Sheets.

When you’re ready to connect to the HBPS QkR service, please follow the instructions on our Launch Flyer below. If you have the app already installed, scan the HBPS QR Code to connect to our school.