Music and Singing

Australian research has identified the value of participating in arts experiences in school. The study is based on 643 primary and secondary school students from 15 schools over the course of two years.

A 4 minute video about this research, “ACARA: The Australian Curriculum The Arts and…The Role of Arts Participation in Students’ Academic and Non-Academic Outcomes”

​All students at Henley Beach Primary Schools have lessons in the Performing Arts (Music, Dance, Drama).

Additional experiences are listed below. Check the fortnightly newsletter for the most up to date information.


Music Ensemble Night

Our annual Music Ensemble Night is a showcase of the music groups at our school and is held in the gym.

Instrumental and vocal groups perform, including Festival Choir and instrumental students and small groups.

Smaller instrumental groups including brass (trumpet and trombone), percussion , strings (violin, viola, cello), woodwind (flute, clarinet and saxophone) and all recorder classes also perform.

Festival Choir:

The Festival of Music Choir is available to students in years 5-6. Those who join the choir sign a contract to commit to the choir until the end of Term 3. They rehearse in preparation for the South Australian Public Primary Schools Festival of Music which is held in the Adelaide Festival Theatre in Term 3. Upper primary students have an opportunity to experience choir in term 1. They may choose to continue if they wish to be involved in the Festival of Music.

The choir also performs at assemblies, our school’s Music Ensemble Night and within the community.


Learning to play a musical instrument has many advantages, including development of the brain. The following is a link to an animated video explaining how the brain benefits from learning to play a musical instrument:

Music tuition is available during school time at Henley Beach Primary School


Department of Instrumental Music

Group Strings (violin, viola, cello) lessons are available for Year 3-6 students. They hire or purchase an instrument and a tutor book, but lessons are free.

Group Brass (trumpet, trombone) lessons are available for Year 5-6 students. They hire or purchase an instrument and a tutor book, but lessons are free.

Registration of interest are required for Brass and String lessons which commence in term 1 and a commitment for the whole year must be made.

The registration of interest can be found under forms in Audiri.


Private tuition providers (piano and guitar)

Individual or small group lessons on guitar and piano are available to students in any year level. These lessons are provided at school by private tutors who have been approved by the Department for Education. There is a tuition fee for the lessons.

The private instrumental teachers may have vacancies throughout the year. For more information, please contact the Front Office.