SA School Sport

Schools Sport SA events provide opportunities for children with advanced sporting ability to participate in a variety of sporting activities. School Sport SA works within the Department for Education for the delivery of school sport and conducts school sport programs from R-12 DfE, Catholic and Independent schools. Affiliation with Schools Sport SAis open to every government and non-government school with a primary component in the state. Primary school aged children from 10 or turning 10 in that year are eligible, depending on the sport.

Henley Beach Primary School has a strong history in participation in the Schools Sport SA, formerly South Australian Primary Schools Amateur Sports Association (SAPSASA) competition. We are proudly part of the Airport District and enter into a wide variety of Schools Sport SA events throughout the year. Schools Sport SA runs a series of District Carnivals, State Carnivals and State Championships, which the school nominates individuals and teams for competition. There are some less common sports also offering Schools Sport SA competitions, so if your child participates at a competition level and are interested in Schools Sport SA competition, or if you have any Schools Sport SA queries, please contact the school for further details.